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More of Pole's Pet Peeves

404. Bicycle sized spare tires
405. When you drop a piece of toast, how it always lands buttered
side down
406. People who dot their "i's" with circles
407. People who write "dominate" for "dominant"
408. Having to balance a plate of food on your lap at a picnic
409. Plastic spoons that break when trying to spoon out ice cream
from the container
410. When summer lasts until November
411. Vinyl car upholstery
412. Sticking to the seat when wearing shorts in hot weather
413. The smell of burning rubber or hair
414. The smell of a paper factory
415. The smell of a pig farm or chicken farm
416. Living in a town that has pig farms on one side, oil refineries on
the other
417. "Clint Eastwood" toilet's rough, tough, and doesn't
take any crap!
418. "Bathroom tissue" as a euphemism for toilet paper
419. "Rest room" as a euphemism for public lavatory, bathroom,
latrine, etc.   No one goes there to rest, I can assure you!
420. "Faux" as a euphemism for fake or imitation
421. People who gawk at you as if you've just beamed in from
another planet......Take a picture, people, it lasts longer!
422. People who talk about "doing" lunch
423. People who call BMWs "beemers"
423. Yuppies
424. Preppies
425. "Baby on board" signs in car windows.  It's a car, people, not a
426. Thong bathing suits and underwear.   Has to be the stinkingest
little strip of cloth imaginable!
427. Big hair
428. Babies who mess their diapers two minutes after you change them.
429. Teachers and those in the media who mispronounce and misspell words
430. Rancid iced tea
431. Flat soda
432. Sleeveless shirts on both thin and fat women.  On thin women,
the hole is always too big and hangs so low that you can see their bra
when they lift their arm.  On fat women, you see the fat arms.
433. Lenses popping out of glasses
434. Leaves that go directly from green to brown to off, with no
yellow, orange or red in between.
435. That green gunk that develops under the plastic nose pieces of
436. Socks that slide down as you walk and eventually get bunched
up in the arch of your foot.
437. Pants without pockets
438. It's harder to look busy at work than actually be busy.
439. Jobs where you have to wait for someone to relieve you for
440. The fact that life is always unfair in someone else's favor.
441. Restaurants that don't put out napkin dispensers on the table
442. People who don't throw away their own trash at a fast food 
443. Blisters
444. Sandals with straps that keep slipping off your heel as you walk.
445. Other than her Significant Other(s), someone who calls a woman
"honey".  Excuse me, I'm not a bear's lunch!
446. User unfriendly VCRs and computers
447. Bean sprouts and tofu
448. Being alone on Christmas
449. Having no Significant Other on Valentine's Day
450. Having no date for the prom
451. Going to a wedding alone
452. Flat tires
453. Bald tires
454. Getting stuck behind a bus belching noxious fumes
455. Stale bread
456. Moldy bread
457. Blond hair with black roots
458. Blue laws
459. Being the new person on the job
460. Bad hair days
461. Getting the Sunday paper without the TV section.
462. Getting stuck behind a school bus that makes frequent stops 
and never exceeds ten miles an hour
463. Enemas
464. Enemies
465. Office politics
466. College grads having to take jobs as waiters/tresses.
467. The fact that what kind of justice you get depends on how much
money you have to spend on a lawyer
468. Parents of boys with ears that stick way out, who don't allow 
them to grow long hair
469. Hearing a song you hate and it mentally replays in your head all
day long
470. Entertainers who become politicians
471. Politicians who become entertainers
472. Coughing, and bringing up phlegm, but you can't spit it out because you're in public
473. Men, bald on top, who grow ponytails
474. Lounge lizards
475. Tanning beds
476. Overdue fines at the library
477. School officials who use "tardy" as a euphemism for "late"
478. Finding a dead roach in the bottom of your soup bowl.
479. EVEN WORSE: Finding HALF of a dead roach on the bottom of your soup bowl!!!
480. Starting a bath and being drenched by cold water because the
last bather didn't turn the shower knob back again.
481. People with flat nasal voices
482. Political signs that are still there months after the election
483. People who drop in like a bomb and hang around like a necktie
484. People who use the possessive when a simple plural is called
for.   Example: We have two oak tree's in our yard.
485. "High water" pants
486. Wedgies
487. How a dropped tool always rolls under the table, out of reach
488. Martha Stewart
489. Acid reflux
490. Getting a grocery cart from a stack of carts and you choose one
that is stuck to the one behind it.  The next one you choose will have
a wobbly wheel.
491. When you mistakenly hit two typewriter keys and the letter you
don't want is always the one that prints
492. People who butt in line
493. Tattletales, brown nosers, and suckups
494. While working at a cash register you reach for a bag for the 
customer's purchases.  Two bags come out and one always falls
on the floor.
More to come...