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Pole's Pet Peeves Page

Welcome to Pole's Pet Peeves page. Following is a list of things that irritate me, irk me, or just plain get under my skin! They are in no particular order of importance or topic. More peeves will be added as I think of them. Feel free to email me at the link below with peeves of your own and I'll be glad to add them.

Also coming soon will be Pole's Pleasures.....a list of things that I like, love, and favorites. But first with the irks....

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1.  Hearing the phone ringing when you've got an armload of 
packages and fumbling to unlock the front door...and you reach the
phone just in time to hear the caller hanging up.
2.  People who call you and demand, "Who's this?"
3.  The sound of a ringing phone
4.  Answering machines 
5.  EVEN WORSE: cute messages on answering machines
6.  "Wrong numbers" who argue with you after being informed they've
dialed the wrong number
7.  The same "wrong numbers" who call right back.
8.  Phone calls at inappropriate times:  you're in the shower, on the 
toilet, having sex, changing a baby, etc.
9.  EVEN WORSE:  Getting out of the shower, toilet, bed, etc to
answer the phone and you get to the phone just in time to hear
10. Bill collectors
11. "Junk" phone calls
12. Temp agencies
13. Stopped up plumbing
14. Drain openers that don't
15. Leaky roofs
16. Mold and mildew
17. Locks and keys
18. Losing house/car keys when you're already late leaving for work
19. Being locked out/in.
20. Getting stuck behind slow cars when you're running 
late...and oncoming traffic prevents you from passing them.
21. Getting stuck at a railroad crossing 
22. EVEN WORSE:  getting stuck at a railroad crossing and the 
train STOPS!
23. Having to have insurance
24. Taxes
25. Sweating
26. Hot weather
27. Prickly heat
28. Itching in public where you can't scratch
29. Thinking that no one is looking, scratching anyway, and getting
30. EVEN WORSE: Thinking no one is around, farting, and someone
comes along before the stench goes away.
31. Power outages, especially at night or in hot weather
32. Chain letters
33. "Please forward" email and URLs
34. "Bright and early"
35. "Rise and shine"
36. Getting up early
37. Alarm clocks
38. Going to the doctor
39. "You May Have Already Won"
40. Preapproved credit card applications sent to people under bankruptcy
41. High interest finance companies
42. Adults who use cutesie versions of words: "tummy" for stomach,
"hubby" for husband, etc.  Also, cute spellings of words, "luv" for love etc.
43. Error 404
44. Being shut down for an "illegal operation" on your computer.
 What am I, the cyber mafia??
45. Html
46. Sloooowww downloading sites
47. Computer mice
48. Real mice
49. Rats
50. Roaches
51. Fleas
52. Mosquito bites
53. Tape that sticks to everything except what you want it to
54. Envelopes sealed by humidity before you can use them
55. Winnie the pooh.  (Sugar overload)
56. Barney the Dinosaur (ditto)
57. When you do something right no one remembers. When you do
something wrong, no one forgets.
58. Typos
59. Celibacy
60. Monogamy
61. Being single by circumstance
62. Women who "sprinkle" on public toilet seats, then leave it that
63. Going into an empty multi-stalled public bathroom, you take the
stall furthest from the door to allow for the maximum amount of
privacy.  The next woman who comes in, without fail, goes to the stall
right next to yours, though others further away are available.  I don't
need a "bathroom buddy", thank you very much!
64. Long lines in women's bathrooms, where next door, men zip in
and zip out, no waiting
65. Sacred cows
66. "Mommy vans", aka minivans
67. "Daddy vans", aka SUVs
68. EVEN WORSE: Having to park between two of these oversized 
69. That three toned shriek you hear when you reach a number that
is "no longer in service".
70. The Ford Explorer commercials where the announcer pronounces
it as if it were "Explore".  Don't forget the last syllable!
71. Furniture ad announcers who pronounces "suite" (as in living 
room suite) as if it's spelled "suit".  It's pronounced "sweet"; the "e"
on the end is to distinguish it from "suit".
72. Men who refer to their wives as "the wife"
73. Writers who use the word "ballooned" to describe a person's 
weight gain.  It's trite and has been done to death.
74. Writers/TV anchors who refer to someone in jail as being "behind
bars". Again, it's overdone and not all jails today even have bars.
75. Tommy Hilfiger clothing and accessories
76. Jeff Gordon's stranglehold on NASCAR
77. Losing common household items when you need them the've just stepped out of the shower and can't find a 
hairbrush in the house.
78. Wholesome, gee-golly-whiz Richie Cunningham types
79. Men who have hairy shoulders and backs who insist on wearing 
tank tops or going shirtless
80. "Repairman's crack"
81. Cheesy, homemade commercials on local TV
82. Seeing the same obnoxious commercial six times in an hour long 
TV show.
83. Double-knit polyester aka "bullet proof" polyester
84. Turning on the radio and hearing the last notes of your favorite song
85. Arriving at work and hearing your favorite song begin, but you 
don't have the time to listen to it.
86. Broken machinery that magically begins working again when a 
technician comes to fix it.
87. Weight loss scams where the only lasting weight loss is in your wallet.
88. Panty hose
89. High heels
90. The expectation that all women should always wear makeup
91. Laundromats
92. Cutting the grass
93. Having a neighbor who cuts his grass every 12 hours or so.
94. Weeds
95. Long waits in drive-thru lines
96. EVEN WORSE: Getting the wrong order after waiting in a long 
drive-thru line
97. THE WORST: Your car overheats and boils over waiting in that 
long line.
98. Bandaids that won't stick where you put them
99. Bandaids that stick too well and you rip off a chunk of skin and 
hair removing them
100. Hospital gowns
101. The fact that the US is the only major industrialized nation in the
world that doesn't guarantee free medical care for everyone.
102. When in the hospital, being woken up by a nurse to take a
sleeping pill!
103. Anal retentives
104. "Neat freaks"
105. "Beep boxes"....those boxy little subcompact cars with horns like
toy cars.
106. "The Customer is Always Right"
107. People who go into a cash only line and write a check
108. People who go into a 10 items or less line with a fully loaded
grocery cart.
109. Getting behind someone in line who needs a "price check"
110. How you always pick the slow line, but if you move to another 
line, then it becomes the slow line.
111. Pennies
112. Getting a fifty cent piece in change
113. Pricing items at 3.99, 4.99, etc.  It's not fooling anyone and it 
assures that we'll have to keep using pennies
114. The grocery clerk who puts the receipt in your hand, along with 
your change.  I don't want to fumble separating it from my money, nor
do I want to put it in my wallet or hold it.
115. Paper grocery bags that rip, sending your groceries rolling down
the the rain.
116. The custom of women changing their names at marriage
117. The "Mrs John Doe" form of address.
118. Shorts that ride up on the insides of your thighs as you walk
119. The way white clothes attract dirt like a magnet
120. Same goes for white cars
121. The way your nose begins to itch when you can't scratch...while
washing dishes,etc
122. You can't get a job without experience and you can't get 
experience without a job
123. You flying to Philadelphia. Your luggage flying to Boston
124. Flying stand-by
125. Long car rides.
126. EVEN WORSE: Developing diarrhea on a long car ride
127. Insomnia
128. Feeling drowsy when you want to stay awake
129. Buying something full price, then seeing it on sale the next week
130. Finding a lost item after you've gone out and bought another one
to replace it.
131. The buttered side of the toast always hits the carpet
132. The harder it is raining, the further you must park from the building
133. People who park diagonally across two parking spaces
134. EVEN WORSE: When those two spaces are the last ones in the 
parking lot
135. People who drive for miles with their turn signal going
136. People who constantly apply the brakes for no reason
137. People who speed up to cut you off when they see you
signalling to change lanes
138. People who give a left turn signal and turn right
139. People who are quick to pull out in front of you, but slow to a 
crawl once they're in front
140. The slow car is always the one in front
141. People who do not turn decisively, but just slowly drift around the
142. People who must come to a complete stop before making a turn.
143. People whose cars straddle the lane markers
144. People that pass you, only to turn right at the very next corner
145. People in cars that meet coming from opposite directions who 
stop to carry on a conversation without pulling off the road, oblivious
to the traffic backing up behind them
146. People who ride your bumper even though you're already driving
20 mph over the limit.
147. Confused shoppers who block store aisles while they make up 
their minds
148. Parents who teach their toddlers to use sign language to answer
the question, "How old are you?", instead of teaching them to say
the number. In other words, you get a three year old who shoves
three fingers in your face instead of saying "three".
149. The seemingly deaf parents of children emitting ear-splitting 
shrieks in public
150. Hand-held portable phones used in moving cars, and the erratic
driving resulting from such use.
151. Who you know being more important than what you know
152. Image consultants
153. The valuing of form over function, image over substance in
today's society.  The thought that Albert Einstein would probably have
a hard time getting a job if he were alive now,  because he had 
messy hair and wore ratty sweaters, boggles my mind.
154. Coming upon double doors and one of them is always locked.
155. Car alarms
156. While getting packages out of your car, the car door swings
back and swats you on the rump.
157. Overheated work places and other public facilities
158. The price of refreshments at movies...and race tracks
159. Races won under caution
160. Rained out races
161. Most racing wrecks happen during commercials
162. Race commentators jinxing a driver by talking about how great 
he's doing that day.  No sooner said, than CRASH!
163. Referring to sports figures as "heroes"
164. Parents who expect such sports figures to be role models for 
their children
165. The fact that the worst pro baseball and football players will 
make more each year than the best teachers and nurses.
166. EVEN WORSE: When such sport figures go on strike to get 
even more money
167. Dieting
168. How the nutritional value of any given food is usually inversely
proportional to how good it tastes.
169. Fat free = taste free
170. Using size six models in plus size catalogs
171. Having to go to the bathroom at the movies during an exciting 
part of the film
172. Vending machines that take your money, but won't give you 
anything and won't give your money back either
173. Vending machines that won't accept your money at all
174. When the item you chose in the vending machine gets hung up
and doesn't fall to where you can get it out of the machine
175. People that laugh at or ridicule people or things they don't 
understand, instead of asking questions and learning something
176. Blind conformity
177. People who flush the toilet when you're taking a shower
178. Unknowingly dragging toilet paper stuck to your shoe
179. Men who have a poor bathroom "aim"
180. Commercials for unappetizing products shown at meal 
times...feminine hygiene products, jock itch, yeast infections,etc
181. Pay cuts
182. Paper cuts
183. Hangnails
184. Copiers that jam
185. Smudged eyeglasses
186. Patting around on the rug looking for a lost contact lens
187. EVEN WORSE: Hearing a "crunch" while looking for the lens
188. Wearing glasses in the rain
189. Glasses that fog up when you go outside from an airconditioned
car or building
190. Door to door salespeople
191. Door to door evangelizing
192. Public laundromats that leave your clothes still wet after two 
hours of drying time
193. Getting deodorant stains on your clothes
194. Going to work and realizing you forgot to use deodorant
195. Writer's block
196. Bending over and splitting your pants in public
197. People who throw used diapers on the ground after changing
their baby in public
198. No matter how late at night it is, no matter how far out you are in
the country, there's always a car coming to make you wait when you
want to turn left
199. When waiting to turn left, there are cars coming from the right 
side when the left side is clear. When the right side is clear, there will
be cars coming from the left side.
200. Squeaky chalk
201. Fingernails scraping a chalkboard
202. Long fingernails clicking on a table top
203. Washing your car causes rain.
204. So does leaving your car windows down
205. If you return to the house, when you suddenly get the feeling
you didn't lock the door,  you will find that you locked it after all.
206. "Science projects" in the other words, long 
forgotten leftovers
207. Cold coffee
208. Taking a big swig out of a can of soda, not realizing that 
someone just extinguished a cigarette in it.
209. Hiccuping
210. Sneezing
211. Your nose starts running when you have no access to a tissue
213. People who affect a high pitched tone of voice when talking to
a child.
214. How eight hours at work passes much more slowly than eight hours at home.
215. The older you get, the faster time passes.
216. Animal haters
217. The fact that OJ did it, we all know it, and he's playing 
golf right now
218. That anyone thinks the President's sex life is their business
219. Grown women with voices like six year olds
220. "Giving the bride away".  What am I?  A bag of old clothes?
221. Bra straps that pop
222. Your change purse opening itself and dumping change inside
your handbag.
223. No matter what you need in your handbag, it will be at the
bottom, buried under all the other contents.
224. Pens that run out of ink when writing down something important
225. People who leave their animals in a hot car on a summer day.
Do them a favor...leave them at home!!!!
226. People who leave their children in a hot car on a summer day.
227. Gridlock
228. EVEN WORSE: Gridlock when you're on your way to work
229. THE WORST: Gridlock when you're on the way to the hospital
when you're in labor.  That happened to me.
230. If they have it in your size, you won't like it.  If you like it, they
won't have it in your size.  If you like it and they have it in your size, 
it will cost too much.
231. Choosing a two-piece outfit in the store, only to find that the
sizes don't match.
232. People who lean on the horn the second the light changes
233. People who remain stopped several seconds after the light
changes.  What's the matter, don't you like that shade of green?
234. People in a left turn lane who make their turn even after the
light has turned red.
235. People who drive with their wrist draped over the steering wheel 
instead of actually holding the steering wheel.
236. While driving when the sun is coming in on the left, people who 
pull the visor down in front where it does absolutely no good, instead
of pulling the visor to the side.
237. Practices that exist long after the reasons for them no longer do,
because "that's the way we've always done it."
238. People who smile to your face, but hold a knife behind their backs
239. Phonies
240. People who expect to always hear, "Fine" as an answer to the
question, "How are you?".  If you don't want to know, then just say
"Hello" instead.
241. Sales calls that begin, "How are you?"  As if they CARE?
242. Having the toilet back up when you're about to go somewhere
or are expecting guests.
243. EVEN WORSE: The toilet backs up when a guest uses it
244. THE WORST: When you're the guest and you have diarrhea,
and the toilet backs up
245. Getting a raincheck on an item, coming back several times, only
to realize they'll never have the item
246. "Bait and switch" advertising.
247. An item that ceases to function the day after the warranty 
248. People who think that introversion is a "bad attitude".
249. People who start a conversation, "I don't mean this the wrong
way, but..." or "I'm telling you for your own good..."  Yeah, RIGHT!
250. People who are obsessed with knowing whose fault something
is, instead of working to find a solution
251. As a kid in school being the last one left when choosing sides 
for a team and the resentment of the team that is "stuck" with you.
252. People who ask, "What are you doing here?" when they don't
really want to know what you're DOING, but want to know WHY you
are there...and they don't like you being there.
253. People, usually a parent, who ask,  "Where is your sweater?" (or
some other item), when they really mean "Why aren't you wearing
your sweater?"
254. Hot dogs, 10 to a pack.  Buns, 8 to a pack
255. People who say "Bub Bye".
256. Ed McMahan saying "Amurrican", instead of "American" on
his "American Family Publishers" sweepstakes commercials.
257. "Child proof" containers that turn out to be "adult proof".
258. Pull tabs that break off on such things as cat food, tuna fish,
259. Opening a can of soda that has been shaken up
260. Heating up a cup of microwave soup and the container flips 
itself over in the microwave, spilling its contents.
261. That bananas in the market are usually green as grass or brown
and shriveled.
262. People who name their kids so they all have the same initials.
263. Contrived spellings for common names....Krystle for Crystal, etc. 
I especially hate when someone adds an "e" to a name ending in "y"
as in "Bobbye", "Cindye", "Nancye", etc.
264. People who use other people, then throw them away like a used
diaper when they're through with them.
265. People who talk down to you.
266. Hard of hearing people who think everyone else is deaf too, and
yell everything. 
267. EVEN WORSE: Having to talk to such people on the phone
and having to hold the phone three feet from your ear.
268. Knowing you forgot something important just before you leave
on a long trip...and you remember it once you get to your destination.
269. Doing something simply because "everyone else does it."
270. That sick shade of green that is presently in fashion, aka "bile
green", "bug guts green", "booger green".
271. Oldies radio stations that have a repertoire spanning 30 years
to choose from, yet they play the same obnoxious oldies over and
over again.
272. While "going to the bathroom" outside, using poison ivy leaves
as toilet paper
273. Mistaking a urine sample for a glass of ginger ale
274. People who think 7 am is a fine time to cut the grass
275. Pay toilets
276. "Air dry" machines, instead of paper towels in public bathrooms
277. "Delicious" apples.  They aren't
278. Your favorite TV show pre-empted by a "Special Report"
279. Men who wouldn't date anything else but a gorgeous woman, 
even if they look like Jabba the Hut.
280. Store clerks who ignore kids waiting in line to wait on adults who
came in later than the kids
281. Schools assuming that kids are guilty unless they can prove they
are innocent.  Food for thought: You usually get what you 
expect out of people.
282. Kids that won't leave you alone when you are talking long
283. "Mystery Meat" in the school cafeteria
284. Able-bodied people who park in handicapped spaces.
285. After waiting patiently for someone to back out of a parking
space, some moron comes around from the other side and zips into
it before you can.
286. Backs always itch where you can't reach to scratch
287. People who wear perfume/cologne that smells like Raid
288. EVEN WORSE: When such perfume makes you sneeze
289. THE WORST: When the Smelly One walks by and you can
actually taste the perfume
290. "Natural" childbirth.  Ranks right down there with "natural" 
dentistry for me!
291. When you're working third shift and some bozo calls you at
11 am and asks, "Are you STILL in bed?"  I'd always answer, "How
about I call you at 3 am and ask you the same thing?"
292. Schools assuming that people live in a 50s sitcom and that
Mom is always available to pop right down to the school with no
notice for conferences, etc.
293. Can openers that leave a small sliver of the can still uncut no
matter how many times it goes around
294. Having to wash your dishes before you put them in the dish
295. People who rinse out a glass, then put it in the sink, instead of
putting it in the dish washer.  No extra effort involved!
296. People who put empty containers back in the fridge or freezer
297. People who have a drink, then go to get some more and get a
new glass for each refill instead of using the same one.
298. People who can't take "no" for an answer.
299. Resume BS.  You write, "I coordinated all company
communications", when you really mean, "I answered the phone"
300. The fact that you have to play such dishonest games to get a
decent job
301. When naming their child, people who give no thought as to how
the name will sound with their surname.  For example: Dick Hertz,
Hugh Jass, Mike Hunt, etc.
302. People who take food off your plate without asking
303. Shoes with six foot long laces that constantly keep untying
304. Yes, things DO get up and walk away by themselves and also
disappear into thin air.
305. Animals digging through the trash.
306. Underwear with worn out elastic that keeps slipping down your
hips as you walk
307. That "time of the month"
308. EVEN WORSE: Getting your period on your wedding day
309. Meeting someone in a narrow hallway and as you sidestep to
avoid them, they move with you.  You move again.  So do they,
blocking every move you make to get around them
310. Supermarkets that require you to buy $10 worth of groceries
before you can use their coupons.
311. Spilling food on your clothes while you eat
312. Drunks
313. EVEN WORSE: Loud, obnoxious drunks
314. THE WORST: Loud, obnoxious drunks driving cars.
315. Using an umbrella walking into a store and having to carry
that wet, dripping stick as you shop.
316. If you leave your umbrella in the car on a cloudy day, it will
rain.  If you bring it with you, it won't.
317. Plain, white men's briefs.  "Tidy Whities".  Not at all sexy.
318. Dress codes
319. Jobs that require a "professional appearance, but don't pay
a professional salary to go with it.
320. Beauty pageants, especially for little girls.
321. NASCAR's selective enforcement of the rules.
322. Telephone solicitors who demand that you identify yourself
before they will tell you which company they represent and get to
the point of their call.
323. There is never a police officer around when you almost get ran
off the road by a reckless driver, or drunk driver
324. There ALWAYS is a police officer there with their radar gun
operating when you're late and speeding
325. Businesses that are open from 9 to 5, when you work 8 to 6.
326. When you're a cop, you stop a drunk driver and they insist,
"I only had two beers, occifer!"  Yes, but were they in two 55 gallon
327. Every suspect, even if you found them standing over a corpse
holding a smoking gun, will insist, "I din' do nothin'!"
328. Stopping a speeder who indignantly informs you, "My taxes pay your salary."
329. People who tell a lonely single, "Why don't you just go out there
and meet someone nice?"  Well, duh!  We would have never thought
of that on our own.
330. The fancier the hairdo, the harder the wind will be blowing when
you leave the hair salon.
331. Dogs who drool on you
332. Small dogs that hump your leg
333. Tiny white dogs with brown runny stuff around their eyes.
334. The cat breeders who interbred Persian cats to produce a cat
with a pushed-in face.  Poor things are so ugly; they look like they
got hit by a Mack truck
335. Susan Powter and other "diet nazis"
336. Infomercials
337. "The Nanny".  Ms Post Nasal Drip makes me wish I had a 
hearing aid I could shut off!
338. People who think the word "family" is a synonym for
339. Bicycles on the road pedaling WITH the traffic. I know, I know,
it's the law, but the bicyclist shouldn't have to trust the cars to look 
out for them and they invariably misjudge how far out in the road to
be.  When you bicycle against traffic, you can see what's coming at
you and act accordingly.
340. Prostitution (and other victimless crimes) being illegal. One
should be able to sell what's theirs.
341. Waitresses/ers having to depend on the tip system to make a
living wage.  The servers shouldn't be at the mercy of the customers
and the customers shouldn't be expected to make up for cheap 
employers who won't pay a decent salary.
342. Rush Limbaugh
343. People who think day care and flexible job schedules are 
"women's" issues.  Don't men have children?  These are family
344. "Earthshaker" car stereos cranked up all the way
345. Perfume samples in magazines.
346. Non-fiction books without indexes
347. Fiction books without a summary of the plot on the back or
348. Buying a paperback book and after reading a few pages, you
realized you've already read it.  You were fooled into thinking it was
a different book because the publisher had put a different cover on
349. People who use the expression "illegitimate children". There
isn't any such thing! 
350. Angry people who smile
351. Getting stuck in an endless labyrinth of phone menus when
calling a business.  "If you are calling from a touch tone phone, 
press 1"......etc.
352. When two lanes merge into one and the driver in the lane
next to you tries to squeeze you off the road.
353. Pop quizzes
354. People who refer to proposing marriage as "popping the
question".  Bubblegum pops, not questions.
355. Blaming the victim
356. You go into a fast food joint and ask for an order of fries, and
the person behind the counter asks, "Ya want fries with that?"
357. Heartburn
358. Freezer burn
359. Rug burn
360. Burned bridges
361. Having no money when you finally see an item you've been
looking to buy for a long time
362. Sneezing, and being unable to suppress a fart that comes out
at the same time.
363. Job hunting
364. Calling a number and getting consistent busy signals.  Finallly,
it rings...and rings....and rings...and rings.  No answer, ever.
365. Being put on hold and left in phone limbo indefinitely
366. EVEN WORSE: Being disconnected after being on hold for
half the day
367. THE WORST: Calling right back and the number is busy
368. Repair people who say they'll be at your house between 9 am
and 5 pm.   And you're stuck waiting there all day long.
369. If you go out, even for just five minutes, that's when they'll
show up
370. People who promise to return your phone calls and never do
371. Sitting in front of a "chair kicker" at the movies
372. People who bring babies to the movies
373. Parents who allow their children to go out in public barefoot
374. How you always seem to get diarrhea when you're having your
375. People who drive for miles in your blind spot.  Either get in front
of me or fall back behind!!!
376. Men who don't lift the lid to pee
377. Men in public bathrooms who use the stall to pee in, when a 
urinal is available, thus making men wait who have to do "#2" 
378. When seeing a couple sharing a motorcycle, the woman is
always the one in back
379. People who drop in like a bomb and hang around like a necktie
380. Stepping on gum that someone has spit out
381. Truck stop rest rooms.
382. Sticky movie theater floors 
383. When a person's favorite team wins, and they say "WE won".
Excuse me, when did you start playing for that team?
384. In a restaurant, you sit in a booth that has double seats: two 
seats connected together, facing opposite directions.  The person
sitting on the other side of the double seat from you almost always has
ants in their pants and can't sit still for 10 seconds.  You end up
having to endure a meal being jiggled to death.
385. False teeth and/or caps that look obviously fake: all the teeth
are huge and are of the same size
386. "Clingy" children
387. Someone who tries to get your attention by tugging on your
sleeve or tapping you on the shoulder multiple times
388. Boys' school sports get the most funding, are scheduled at
convenient times for parents to attend, and have cheerleaders.
Girls' sports have none of these things, even if they have a better
winning record than the boys.
389. The test pattern on TV
390. EVEN WORSE: Tennis on TV
391. THE WORST:  Golf on TV
392. "Get rich quick" pyramid schemes
393. Working on straight commission
394. People who think that being a good father is just providing 
money and leaving everything else to the mother
395. Men who refer to caring for their own children as "babysitting"
396. Pricing gasoline with nine-tenths of a cent in the price.  I'd like 
to give them a penny with a sliver cut out of it as partial payment for
a gallon of gas!!!!
397. People who write "alot" for "a lot".  It's two words, people
398. Getting home after going through a fast food drive through and
discovering you got an incomplete order.
399. Living where there is more than one person, but only one
400. People who honk their horns in gridlock.  As if this will get
traffic moving again!!!
401. People who keep rolling up at a red light, instead of remaining
stopped until the light turns.  Believe me, rolling up won't make it
turn green any faster.  I've seen some of these bozos roll all the way
into the middle of the intersection and the light is STILL red!!
402. Unsolicited parenting advice
403. Getting stuck 

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