Polesitter3's Ernie Irvan Page

This page is dedicated to one of my two favorite NASCAR drivers, Ernie Irvan. (The other is Dale Earnhardt, if you hadn't already guessed from my name!)

Ernie Irvan is one of the toughest and most courageous drivers to ever compete at the Winston Cup level. After his horrifying 1994 crash, he was given only a 10% chance of survival. Ernie not only survived, he returned to racing and has won again, 3 times so far. His last win came at Michigan in 1997, the track that almost took his life. Ernie had finally come full circle.

Ernie Irvan joined the Skittles 36 team, beginning in the 1998 season. I hope this is the start of bigger and better things for Ernie -- the first step to an eventual Winston Cup Championship!

I had the pleasure of meeting Ernie on Labor Day 1997 at the Greenville/Pickens Speedway in Greenville, SC. Following are some pictures from that day, plus a couple that a friend took elsewhere.

This page is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!

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